Labor Day

Finally, Content!  Trapezo has gifted us with content:  obviously not all of it but enough to get cracking.  With the content comes design adjustments from the client, there goes the harmony and in with the chaos.  They asked for a scrolling marquee on the header, so i implemented it, it looks very out dated.

Did a little bit of Photoshop rendering for the BeFit project. It consisted of taking 2 photos and cutting out the background. We also posted out wire frame designs this week for other designers to vote and judges, i came in second.  Erik the photography instructor wrote up a nice article on sun set photos. i took it and spun it in to a blog post.

The 1st of May was a day off.

Back and rested we did a UX class with carl, it was very interesting, leant a lot!

The rest for the time i spent on trapezo, working out media queries witch allow my custom design to be versatile and respond to variable display sizes.

Ending April

This week I am a one armed bandit.  My right arm is strapped to my chest to allow my shoulder to recover from a surgical weekend.  After battling to find a comfortable position to manipulate the mouse, my typing this week would be kept to a minimal one finger death pokes to the keyboard.

Spent Monday on trapezo fixing up the main content slider and alignments throughout. I shouldn’t have been in, should have been at home resting, my body was still weak, but no mercy on with the internship!

Thursday, morning spent some time with Singh compiling a list of things we required from the client to be able to complete their site.  That afternoon the interns and I created a design proposal from a wire frame, low and behold, by the end of the day the wagers of a competition had flurried and the final designs will be posted for peer review and the winner to get a free lunch.

Pond design

My design

Mid week, the Hacking the hack blog post went up.


Results of the AI icon course

At the back end of the week the clients from trapezo came for meeting, but brought no new content. a shame really because i would like to get this out of the way now.

This week i did a little teaching, mainly html and css basics. I wasn’t as well prepared as i could have been, but it was a week of recovery from surgery. The good part is after each class the trainees fill out a sheet, and it’s there where i noticed i had omitted only a small amount of information that took just 10 minutes on the end to instruct.


The new year

Kicking off the week on the Wednesday after a wet wet new year i dove straight in to customizing the slider on the trapezo site, spending some time to align style boxes and polishing up details. The main element to keep in mind when heavily customizing a template like the one we are using is to be aware that it’s a responsive page and the style has to remain consistent throughout the different break points. A break point is the pixel width that determines the visual style assigned to the page so it can display nicely on the end users screen (phone/table/monitor).

Added the final touches on a blog post i wrote that targets heavily searched key words and will publish it next week.

Still spend a few moment updating and actualizing the new courses that are some to be launched.


Also published an alumi questionare.

The Short Week

On the 6 April 1782, the first of his dynasty Buddha Yodfa ChulalokeKing Rama I was crowned King of Thailand. So this means Monday the 6th of April is a holiday. The week thus commenced on Tuesday  and finished on Thursday as it was time to prepare for the thai new years celebrations.

With a swift prick of a needle and a firm tug on the thread we will stitch up this short week.

Spent some time threw out thees few days to organizing our assault plan on the new program. It’s a huge task and quite a daunting one to be frank ( but i’m not frank, problem solved) .  We organized a mass material shredding, taking all the old course material and checking if it was relevant or useful in our new schematic. Once I had a general idea of what needed to get done i took it to the teamworkPM system and drew up a Gnatt chart of what is to come and who would be doing it. This then left one thing to do; getting the materials in order and shape. The ball is now rolling.

Skilled Photographers

Teresa and I using a a lap top camera to take a photo of the gnatt chart on the white board.

With regards to the Trapezo project we received a CD of images from the client, but no clear instructions on where it needs to go. Solution: call in the clients and have a sit down so we can go over the content, but before this can be done the Design lay out needs to be 100% finished.

Happy New year!

The fool, Hello April!

This week for me stared on Wednesday as i took the Monday and Tuesday off to spend some time with my brother Jorick who was in town on a visit.

This also meant no april fools jokes this year… oh well double down for next year.

It also ended prematurely as Friday was the Visa run day for me,  i went off to Cambodia for a lunch and a stamp.

WCB has a new dynamic certificate program and as April is a quite month due to the up coming thai new year festivities its a perfect time to do some ground work. We are now in the process of writing up a whole curriculum for the WCB Web Designer Certificate program.  This will be a 5 part program totaling 52 hours of instruction.  There are 7 more programs on the drawing board.  More info to come as this plays out.

Updated the footer on the WCB home page, removed the twitter feed to replace it with up coming course dates.

March Halt!

The free course we had created ended up not having any one show up, which after last weeks sprint to prepare what i feel may have been an overload of information, was a bit of a disappointment. Regardless, took it on, and discombobulated the possibilities of why the major fail. I’ve decided it’s due to our silly marketing.  Advertising a course for newbie computer users online was probably the silliest of places to advertise it.  More over, we did have 4 person who had called in the week before to confirm their intention on attending the course, they didn’t show. we now run in to another problem; it was a free course, meaning no deposit lost if absconding. Lesson learnt!

Trapezo is on the go and i have started to develop the design of the site on the WordPress CMS we are using.

The rest of this week was spent doing little odd jobs, like updating the FAQ, Updating certain courses and replacing our hotline number that had recently changed.

We also finally took time on Wednesday afternoon to do a full Photoshop session, this was great.  This is one of the many thing i created in the lesson. this is a banner for an image sharing site.


For those who just don’t know.

This weeks main focus is on writing the Basic computers course that will take place on the 23rd. This course is design to be a fish hook for potential new students at web courses bangkok.   Teresa and I wrote up the course outline, i then spent some time filling out the specifics and gathering the materials witch would be needed.

Here is a brief overview of our first outline.

  • What is a Computer?
  • What do humans use Computer for ?
  • How does a Computer work?
  • Checking you machines specs.
  • What to look for when buying a PC.
  •  How to cut and paste.
  •  Searching local machine (search for chrome)
  •  Installing chrome
  •  How to Google
  • How to customize your desktop
  • Anti virus, fire walls.
WCB photo shoot

Promotional photos we shot.

The course was advertised online and we put together a news letter for this promotion.  MailChimp is a fantastic tool to create and send out nice looking news letters.  The course also needed worksheets / reference sheets to be handed out to the trainees so they could take them home.  So all the interns got down and grimey and knocked out 12 week sheets covering each of the topic in the class.

Singh and I also completed the work sheet for intermediate session 4.  The task was very similar to the one we had made last week barring the fact it took on a E-commerce platform.  Carl gave us a stylish template we could work on.  It proved to be quite beautiful and we’re now going to re design session 3 to look and flow in the same manner.

Marching through march.

This week Singh and I would spend a long time rewriting session 3 of the intermediate web design course.  A few months back i had compiled a series of files (site map, images and text) that would be given to the student and they would have to put together a site on wordpress during the lesson. To give the students more autonomy and to allow the teacher to focus on the student that may be having a little more difficulty we’ve decided that we would create a step by step work sheet that would accompany the task. We went about it by building the site and taking note as we made it. we then spent some time cleaning up the notes and Singh did a great job at polishing off the final write up.

The feed back on our walk through for happy design was on the whole quite positive, although the lay out and the instructions needed to be uniformly consistent.  So in the back end of the week changes where implemented.

Trapezo has finally got the get go, the wire frames have been approved by the client and the design work can begin, i’m looking forward to this. As the web site is still in development here is an example of what a wire frame for a site would look like, no style, no content only page lay out. Wire frame example

Fresh meat, the new interns are in!

Mondays brew of fresh meat was a welcome stench. Abhi and Singh have joined the team at WCB and seem ready to dive right in to the muck. Teresa and I spent the morning with the guys just going over the daily routines, tasks and office habits. Set up their blogs ( Singh and Abhi) as well as webcourses email accounts.

Tuesday the client of Dog Armor came in and we spent time looking at minor last minute changes and went over how he could manage the site. I took the meeting on my own, at first i have to admit i was a little nervous. The client had arrived and was expecting a meeting with the project manager whom he had been in correspondence with, the Pm wasn’t in thailand so it was I he would be seeing.  Once he got to know, it was i who had been throwing the site together he was reassured and the session went ahead with great end results. He walked away satisfied and said he would come back in the near future to learn more about operating the back end of his site.

That evening at my home i thought to myself i’m due in for a visa stamp, i opened my passport to find that i was indeed due for a stamp on this very same day. Opps. it was already too late, I shot of a email informing Taya of my absence the next day and went ahead to make plans for my trip to the national immigration bureau. Stamped and fines paid, on with my stay in the kingdom of siam.

PS banner

Banner made by Abhi

We have a online course called Photoshop for Web Design Beginners has done well on Udemy.  We decided it would be good to post it on other online learning sites. So i spent the last part of the week uploading some screen casts to  We’ve started to put together an outline for a free course we will be hosting at the end of this month aimed at novice computer users.

live and direct

This week started on a day off.  The days off around here are plentiful, between the thin government days off and the Buddhist calendar they have conveniently decided to adopt some of the European holidays, just for fun.

So this week the dog armor was moved from our secure development server to it’s now home.  We get our clients to buy their own domain name and hosting service to ensure that the costumer has total control over the site once we have passed it over to them. In the near future the owner of Dog armor will come in to the agency to spend a few hours learning how to manage the site fom the back end of the CMS.

The WCDA ( web courses design agency ) face book fan page needs some more online presence so i will be putting some time in to that in the coming weeks.

Mid week we spend time making sure all phone numbers have been updated, this entailed making new banners that had the phone number hard printed in to them (i.e WCB FAQ page ).  I feel this task could have been a lot simpler if there had been a database of all the PDS files used, for our web site, but the jigsaw of users who are brought to compliment content renders this task quite challenging yet not impossible. maybe this could be a future project.

Spent some time sitting down with Eric and Teresa to discus the elements of Eric new course pages, Eric is the new teacher for photography.

At the end of this week i put the Dog armor web site in to the Design agency show case. Not as quick and easy as it sounds, there is no CMS on the design agency page.  I must say i did enjoy doing this task although it took a couple attempts to get it to behave how it should.